My name is Kassio Khaleb. I’m a software engineer from Goiânia, Brazil.  


My interest lies in back-end techinologies, including C#, C++, JAVA and NodeJs. With some front-end skills like Javascript, Angular 2 and CSS3. I also do some works in game development, Unity to be more precise. My focus is basicly open source technologies that have big possibilities *Coof Coof* Bitcoin and game development. 

Spare Time 

When I’m not coding, I enjoy relax playing games with my buddies expecially when some MOBA or FPS release a new update. I speend a lot of my weekends in Netflix too, Game of Thrones and similar series, because I’m a Lord of rings fan if a movie or serie has some fantasy envolved, probably I’m watchin or I’ll watch it soon. 

Contact me 

If you have something to say to me you can access the contact page, and send me a message, I do my best to be as accessible as possible. 

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